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Radio Revolten

1 octobre 2016 - 30 octobre 2016

Radio art is a multi-faceted form of art. To illustrate this by way of celebration, the festival Radio Revolten (translation: Radio Revolts) invites more than 70 artists from 17 countries to Halle (Saale) to present 30 days of contemporary radio art at 15 locations around the city in the form of performances, installations, concerts and live radio broadcasts. Daily events take place in the Radio Revolten Club, located close to the city market square. Next door at Radio Revolten Central, visitors will experience art installations dealing with transmission in all its guises. This is also the home of Radio Revolten Radio, transmitting 24/7 on the FM frequency 99.3 MHz in Halle and reaching out to a worldwide audience via the festival livestream. 35 radio stations around the world will integrate parts of Radio Revolten Radio into their own programming. Remarkable events will surprise Halle throughout the month of October 2016: from towers to castles to gardens, radio will blossom into art. Entry to the exhibition and most festival performances at Radio Revolten Club is free. At other venues admission prices of partner organisations may apply.


Début :
1 octobre 2016
Fin :
30 octobre 2016
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Radio Corax
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