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Prix Marulic – appel à participation

4 mars 2016

Prix Marulic – Old Texts Revisited is an annual festival of radio plays. It is one of a kind thanks to the unique ambient surroundings that participants have the opportunity to experience during the festival. The morning and afternoon listening sessions take place in historical settings of the town of Hvar. (more info can be found on our website)

The intentions of the festival are to revive our heritage. To further explain:
„Old texts” refers to literature in its widest sense, regardless of genre or form, i.e. all literary works inherited from the past. This includes plays based on unwritten cultural legacy and texts that escape strict literary definition.
An old text in this context is considered to be any text or non-material heritage pre-dating 1921 (including that year), which marks the occurrence of the first radio drama.

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4 mars 2016
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Prix Marulic
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