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Prix Europa 2018 ~ inscriptions

1 juillet 2018

Come and join us from 13 to 19 October in Berlin and Potsdam to screen, listen to and talk about the best European productions with hundreds of other media professionals from all over.

Besides offering your Best, we will also address the challenges that concern all of us: the multifaceted changes in quality public media and the responsibility of journalism on this conflict ridden continent. Avoiding condescension and examining attitudes, agendas and prejudices among media-makers. Where do you draw the line between freedom of expression and censorship?
PRIX EUROPA will pay extra attention this year on how to reflect all voices:
our duty to give all sections of society a voice in broadcast media.

And see the Best of PRIX EUROPA 2018 at Potsdam at the festival finale.

But first it is your turn to submit your productions for the competition. Our submission system is now open. Please don’t forget to read the Regulations first!
The deadline for submitting is 1 July 2018.


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1 juillet 2018
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Prix Europa
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