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Prix Europa 2017

1 juillet 2017

The Submission for PRIX EUROPA 2017 is open until 1 July 2017. Please read the PRIX EUROPA 2017 Regulations before submitting. The Registration of any entry for the PRIX EUROPA 2017 competition implies full acceptance of these Regulations. In case you want to see the content of the submission forms beforehand please check the last pages of the Regulations.

After completing the submission form please be prepared to upload your files (please see the regulations for details of content). You can also complete this step later – with the uploading link provided in your confirmation email. Please understand that with the volume of submissions we cannot accept any links etc. provided outside this system.

In case you are submitting a short series or multiple excerpts of a programme please convert them into one file as there is only one upload per submission.

Please use this system with an updated browser.
Older versions of browsers might face compatibility problems and you will not be able to view the forms correctly.

For questions about the submission system and for support with uploading please contact: [email protected]

For Radio Submitters: Please notice that there is only one upload per PDF and per Audio. Please produce one bilingual script as one PDF for the upload.

In General to all submitters: You will not be able to correct your upload(s) afterwords – so please pay attention, check your file content and the specs beforehand.




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1 juillet 2017
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