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SÜDEN RADIO #2 : appel à participation

9 avril 2017

Radio Papesse invites sound artists, radio producers, composers, activists and audio practitioners to participate to SÜDEN RADIO #2, a sound investigation of the South.

By facing the new geographies emerging from a post-global world – in which the borders are as fleeting as the mobility phenomena – the understanding of the world fails whereas it applies monolithic epistemological tools of interpretation to ever-changing subjects and territories.

In this scenario, beyond the geographical threshold, the South is establishing itself as a method, a multipolar, polyhedric and complex phenomenon, from which a plurality of voices, perspectives, practices and questions are surfacing.

While listening South, Süden Radio wants to problematize its discourse by acknowledging those sound productions and listening practices that both echo back to the new geo-political and cultural panorama and question the way we do listen to reality. What do we listen to?

Sud, Sur, Süden, Sul, South, Etelä, Νότια, al-janúb: how can we approach it, without reducing it to mere geographical terms through which we define ourselves?

Süden Radio aims to explore and promote those practices, radio and sound projects that adopt sound as a critical tool of knowledge, beyond the dominant and clichéd identity and otherness discourse.
It is a call to share thoughts around the politics of listening – choreographic, ritual, active, relational, affective and generative – around its value in the socio-cultural-political realm in the Southern-Mediterranean region, around the listener’s – and the artist’s – position in space and time as it emerges from the act of listening and recording.

Among the issues we would like to invite you all to reflect upon, are:
the Mediterranean discourse – that is part itself of the entity ‘Mediterraneo’
the personal cartographies as a mean for the re-appropriation of places and memories: when the objectivity of field recording is a chimera
the circulation and use of archival materials in sound art and experimental audio production.

The Open Call is addressing artists working with sound, composers, radio producers, scholars and authors coming from, based in, living in and visiting the Southern region of the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa and the Middle East.

We look for you to share your inspiring contribution on this arduous and slippery field of investigation. We need to test our medium and our means.
We welcome audio documentaries, soundscape compositions, radio dramas, field recordings, radio essays, sound mapping projects, sound poetry, radio features, acoustic experiments, interviews…

The shortlisted works will be published online, on Radio Papesse’s archive – available for listening – and presented at Villa Romana, Florence, in the frame of Süden Radio – A Symposium, from April 20th to April 22nd.
One soundwork will be awarded € 250,00.
One of the shortlisted works will be translated and subtitled for Radio Atlas, the English-language home for subtitled audio from around the world, a platform to hear and understand great sound stories and narratives originally produced in other languages.
The selection is up to a jury composed of Ilaria Gadenz & Carola Haupt [Radio Papesse], Lucrezia Cippitelli and Chloé Despax.
All decisions are final.

All the soundworks should be submitted via WeTransfer to
Deadline: April 9th 2017.
There are NO submission fees.
We accept both original and previously edited/composed soundworks and radio productions. In case of already published works, a letter of weaver for broadcasting and archiving has to be provided.

Please include:
_your audio file (wav, 44.1 Khz, mp3 >256 kbps),
_production sheet including title, length, author and genre,
_short CV (max. 500 spaces),
_the authorization to publish it on Radio Papesse archive (yes/no),
_a photo relating either to you or your work (max. 200 kb).

Radio Papesse is a non-commercial production platform and audio archive. The copyright for submitted files remains with the artists.
A selected number of your submissions may be presented on the website as a public archive. For this, we would then need your consent in writing. The licensing format we usually adopt is the Creative Commons License.

Ilaria Gadenz & Carola Haupt –

To know and listen to the soundworks collected via the first edition of Süden Radio :